Streaming Technology

Creating web sites which are more consistent, fast and easy to access for the client. We use streaming technology into the movie files to view on the internet in a clear telecast almost like watching in Television and in good resolution. One can show their Organization inner and outer view in the net with this technology. Through this method one can make available the real situation about the organization globally. We make your business easy, fast, reliable and your competition desperate for market share. This keeps you updated with your clientele and their demands. We employ numerous and varied technologies to perfectly fit each project's needs, including PHP 4, 5 versions, MySQL 3,4, HTML 4.0, CSS, CSS 2.0, XHTML, JavaScript, Linux versions. We have adapted modular design & development in order to ensure future scalability and upgradability, also prefer to implement templates so that even for the heavily industry-centric interfaces, clients will be able to apply interface visual changes according to future needs.
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